Why hire a professional Landscape Designer

Professional Landscape Designers bring a wealth of education and experience to every project. A Landscape Designer can help a homeowner through the maze of considerations and issues so important to the successful completion of a beautiful garden and home.

A Landscape Designer understands the best plants for the region that are both beautiful and horticulturally sound. Landscape Designers maintain good working relationships with suppliers, installers and nurseries to insure that each garden is the vision the homeowner is seeking.

Why a Landscape Designer and not a Landscape Architect?

Both Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects provide services for residential garden design and receive training in design and horticulture. Landscape Architects are registered by the State of California and provide limited hands-on services. Due to their on-site experience, Landscape Designers tend to have a more extensive knowledge of plants and what actually works in the Bay Area Micro-climates. Landscape Designer’s fees are generally significantly lower and their services are more personalized.

How long does the process take?

the design process is generally 6 weeks for preliminary designs and an additional three weeks for the final design. the implementation process will vary depending on the complexity of the job.

How much will a landscaped yard add to my property value?

A well designed and maintained landscape adds approximately 15% – 20% to the value of a property.

How are the fees determined and what is the payment schedule?

Our fees are based on the size and complexity of the project. We estimate the number of hours that will be required for both the design and the implementation processes. We will give you a set amount for the design and an estimate for our time and materials during the implementation.

How involved will you be during the construction?

We will work with your contractor during all phases of the construction as needed to answer questions, problem solve, or consult regarding any adjustments to the design.