Lynda Meikle is the owner of Outer Visions Landscape Design and has been serving the Tri Valley for over 20 years. A native born Australian, Lynda now calls northern California her home. She is a certified horticulturist and is a long time member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and serves on the board. The style she gravitates to and works well in our areas is Mediterranean low-water plantings with an Australian twist. Lynda’s gardens have been featured in annual garden tours with several bay area organizations. She is passionate about turning garden spaces, big or small from ordinary to spectacular!

Lynda creates complete outdoor designs that encompass everything from hardscape to pools, from arbors to rock walls and from glazed pots to dry creek beds. She then adds the finishing touches such as lighting to outdoor furnishings. Lynda selects garden ornamentation such as glazed pots, water features and firepits that complement the overall design and taste of the homeowner. Lynda’s passion is plants. She carefully selects plants that peak throughout the seasons and that provide not only colorful blooms but interesting texture and foliage. Lynda’s pet peeve is the ubiquitous practice of over pruning and she advises people to just say no to power tools. More Lynda’s style is an organic, naturalistic approach that is pleasing to the eye and is welcoming to birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.